Personal Extended Health and Dental Insurance

Workhaus members can now apply for affordable personal health and dental insurance coverage. This is an exclusive offer and it’s simple to apply. As a Workhaus member you have a wide range of choices, specifically designed to suit all of your budgetary and coverage needs. The plan offers:

  • No medical evidence for the majority of tiers
  • Pre-Authorized Payment, Credit Card or Direct Billing Options
  • Coverage for Singles, Couples or Families

To compare plans, get a quote, or apply, please visit the plan website here:

Group Extended Health and Dental Insurance

Our Group Extended Health/Dental Insurance provides affordable and competitive rates for extended health and dental coverage. By bringing Workhaus members together with hundreds of other members across various industries under a group plan, we can leverage our numbers to make coverage more affordable and flexible. The plan offers:

  • Competitive rates
  • Completely customizable options for your business and employees
  • Affordability – costs of approximately 3 – 6 % of annual payroll
  • Availability – for companies with 2 or more employees

Whether you need a new plan, or want to compare your existing benefits, get a no-obligation quote:

  1. Contact Frank Shahrokhi at 416-918-5121 or
  2. Schedule a 15-minute phone call
  3. Provide some simple information about your employees
  4. Meet to review your options based on your needs and budget